Torque & Power Measurement Services

Torque & Power Measurement Services

Real Time Torque & Power Measurements in Rotary Systems

Determination of the power transferred and the torque value generated through the structures used in power transmission such as shafts and axles is important in terms of high efficiency and economic operation control of the systems. The most effective method to achieve this control is measurement of torque and power via wireless data transfer.


Service Areas

  • Detection of real power transmitted from ship machinery to the shaft,
  • Measurement of Torsional Vibrations,
  • EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) Measurements,
  • Performance and efficiency determination in gear boxes,
  • Detection of torque values in rotary systems such as radar and weapon systems,
  • Automotive engine efficiency detection,
  • Determination of effective speed and maximum power of production machines for factories,
  • Determination of the load requirement for factories,
  • Performance detection of machine systems after maintenance,
  • Determination of the power generated in wind turbines,
  • Determination of dynamic loads in crane and crane operations,
  • Determination of power requirement for large pump groups.

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