Advanced Engineering

As Sonitus Engineering, we solve advanced engineering problems of our customers in many different fields. In addition to the high reliability solutions demonstrated in the studies carried out in relevant fields, we have successfully implemented many different projects by providing fast feedback to different demands of the customers.

Structural strength analyses are performed by our expert engineering staff to guide design, product development and R&D processes. System design is guided by simulating environmental conditions and operating conditions in pre-designed systems. In this way, the designer can see the weaknesses and strengths of the structure, and can perform the optimization work on the subject that is necessary. Some analysis groups performed in this context are given below.

Static and Dynamic Strength Analysis

  • Vibration and Harmonic Analysis
  • Earthquake Analysis
  • Random Vibration and Shock Analysis
  • Fatigue Calculations
  • Tightness Analysis
  • Multiple System Dynamics
  • Collision and Rollover Simulations
  • Drop Impact Analysis
  • Underwater Explosion Analysis
  • Explosion Analysis
  • Metal Forming Calculations